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Nexus Paving Systems
Nexus Paving Systems

Nexus Paving Systems

Nexus Professional Surfacing Systems is a specialist supplier of innovative products to the paving, landscaping and driveway industries. We stock a range of the Nexus ancillary products including unique resin jointing systems for pointing between paving slabs and setts, and a range of aggregate surfacing systems. One overriding principle which is a constant in all the Nexus products ranges is ease of use and value for money.

Nexus ProJoint resin systems are a revolutionary advancement over using traditional sand and cement mortar. For decades, filling the joints between paving slabs and setts with traditional mortar has been a skilled, laborious and time-consuming chore.

We stock the Nexus standard range, consisting of the Fusion ProJoint. A ready to use all weather paving joint compound that is simply brushed into the joints. This is available in BlackBasaltMid Grey and Buff. We also stock their more specialist range which is a 2-part epoxy resin system designed for projects that need to hold more traffic, our V400-WT range can withstand a 40-tonne vehicle.

In addition to this we also stock two types of paving sealer, one to protect and one to enhance. We also stock the Nexus Driveway Cleaner.

Due to the ever-growing popularity of ceramic and porcelain pavers/tiles, we now stock Porcelain Primer and Porcelain Grout. These products have been specially formulated for Porcelain paving, it is specifically designed for joint widths as small as 2mm, ideal for both internal and external use. The added silicone in this product ensures that water is repelled from the surface of the grout whilst still allowing vapour to pass through. 

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