GPO Trench Treaded BS8020 Shocksafe Safe-Dig

Often known as a '2-way' in some trades. Used for digging and cleaning out narrow trenches for cable and pipe laying

The entire BS8020:2011 insulated shovel range is treaded as standard. Integrated forward treads provide better grip, increased comfort and protection to the user's feet.

Identifiable by the green ring under the hand stop. The Green Halo indicates to the user that they are using the SAFEDIG SHOCKSAFE tool. 

The SAFEDIG blade is designed to reduce the risk of penetrating hidden cabling with the leading edge being double the thickness of a traditional forged blade. To be used as part of a safe working practice when potentially live underground services may be present.

Product Handle: 28" Polyfibre Shocksafe Insulated
Product Weight: 2.5kg
Product Size: 7"x 11"